Commission a Portrait

The best photos to use for these are photos with light and shadow  and not flash photography.

The Flash tends to “wash out” the person. But if the portrait is a surprise gift , or a posthumous portrait, sometimes it’s the only option.

!.) Email me with your request and I’ll send my price list.

2.) Send several good, High resolution photos of the subject, via email or snail mail.

  1. 3.I’ll send photos of the painting via email as it progresses for your approval.

  2. 4.Painting will be shipped to you in approximately 2-4 weeks.

If you are in the St. Louis area, and are commissioning a larger painting, 16x20 or above, I can arrange  a photo session with my photographer to get some good photo references for your portrait.

You will get a disc with all the photos taken during the photo session.  Think of portraits inside with sun streaming in the window, your children outside in the garden,etc.

email me at for price list.


If you would like to commission a Portrait:

Think Outside the box....or the house!